Private Pottery Wheel Lessons

Ready to step up your pottery game for real or wanting to learn in a non-class environment?

Get 1:1 pottery instruction with Kenny Sing in a beautiful barn studio. Lessons are 2 hrs long and can either be solo or dual lessons, great for honing your skills, learning with a friend, or a date night.

Lessons are $45/hour for 1 student or 35/hr/person for a 2-student session.
Cost includes use of studio tools a half bag of clay (12.5lbs) per session per person— you can bring your own tools/clay if you prefer and more clay can be purchased in the studio fir $30/25lb bag.

Private lessons focus on preparing clay, throwing, clay, and trimming your pots. Information and instruction about glazing can be covered upon request. After a session session you can either schedule a follow up session to finish your work, take your work with you (if you have access to other tools/kilns), or we can glaze it and fire it for you for $10/piece.

Send an email to [email protected] to schedule a time or if you have any questions. Lessons are primarily accommodated during evenings and on the weekends.

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Patterned Series

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